The restauration experts Richard Hartskeerl and Huyb Kelder from Haarlem in the Netherlands, have played an important role in the conservation of Otto Pfeiffer's artworks.
Most of the time when we were in a position to accquire lost paintings of Otto Pfeiffer, they were in a deplorable condition. Occasionally they were beyond salvation.
However the collection that we had assembled over the years, needed attention and care.
It is my privilege to introduce these craftsmen to you on this website:


Huyb Kelder inspects the painting


He determines te damage to the surface of smoke, and dirt deposits.
This will be removed.


Varnish removed:

This will reveal the original pigmentation and colours of the painting as it was initially painted.


After these proceedings the canvas is reframed and the frames are made to measure by hand. Only the best is good enough and I would like to present you:


July 2009:

Guy Sainthill shows a frame in his workshop that is meant for the painting "snowballs" from Otto Pfeiffer.


August 2009:

The frame for the painting "gladioles" is almost finished. Now the frame needs to get the right colour.

The art historian and expert plays an important part.
If you wish to buy or sell it is very difficult for the layman to determine the correct price of works of fine art.
The person to ask for advice in these matters is Arnold Ligthart whom built up extensive knowledge and expertise during his years as a expert working at Sotheby's in Amsterdam.




September 2009:

Arnold Ligthart shows clients around at Sotheby's in Amsterdam.



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