Margarethe Pfeiffer

Otto Pfeiffer's daughter: Margarethe Gerth Pfeiffer, played a significant role in her father's life.
By: Werner Gerth (Otto Pfeiffer's grandson).

Margarethe Pfeiffer was born in Vienna on the 5th of December 1910.
Shortly after her birth the family moved from Vienna to Haida, presently known as Novy Bor in the Czech Republic.
Otto Pfeiffer established a design and production facility for crystal ware. He designed and painted many of the produce, such as vases, himself.
In this environment his daughter grew up with two brothers Willy and Walter and went to school.
At eightteen, she got her highschool diploma and contemplated to go to University.
She was a great admirer of her father's art and assisted him when and where ever she could.

Margarethe went to Prague University to study German literature in 1928. She really enjoyed her time in Prague and made many new friends.
Soon she was offered a position as a lecture at a Prague Highschool which she accepted.
Otto Pfeiffer was only interested in painting and Margarethe came to realize how much concentration and dedication it demanded to create those paintings. She then decided to leave the University and dedicate all her time to manage her father's commercial affairs.
Otto Pfeiffer had an exhibition of his paintings in Prague in 1930 and Margarethe assisted him in the whole management and organisation.
One of the individuals invited to the opening of the exhibition by Margarethe was President Masaryk. He did not attend the opening, but came the day before and bought a few paintings of which two recently (2008) surfaced.
Margarethe enjoyed the success.
When her father told her that the exhibitions he himself organized never yielded these results, Margarethe made a decision that would determine the rest of her life.
She then decided to leave University and dedicate her time and energy to the management of her father's art.
This resulted in a great many exhibitions throughout Europe, in particularly: the Czech Republic, Germany, France and the Netherlands.
In 1938 Margarethe organized an exhibition of her father's work in the Victoria Hotel in Amsterdam.
There she met the Dutch artist Henk Gerth whom was a great admirer of her father's work.
Margarethe fell in love and they married during WWII in 1943 in Amsterdam and their son Werner was born in 1944.
Therefor she stayed and lived the rest of her life in the Netherlands.

After the war Margarethe visited her father frequently in France in Lemberg in the Bitche area, where he had moved after the war from the Czech Republic.
When Otto Pfeiffer passed away in 1955 caused by an accident, Margarethe decided to explore other avenues to promote her father's legacy.
She contacted the mayor of Freusburg to inquire if it was possible to establish a museum dedicated to her father's art, as his grandmother was born and has lived in Freusburg.
At the 1st of June in 1996 the museum finally opened its doors to the public thus her life's goal was achieved.
Margarethe Pfeiffer passed away on the 4th of May in 2006 in Amsterdam at the age of 96.
One of her wishes, not fulfilled in her lifetime, was the publication of a book illustrating her father's art.
Shortly after her death, also this wish came to reality.

Werner Gerth and his wife Marie-Jeanne Isabelle have taken it upon themselves to continue Margarethes work and have accquired recently resurfaced work by Otto Pfeiffer and have donated some to the Otto Pfeiffer Museum.




"His life and his work ". His most signifficent paintings you will find in this issue.


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